Worcester, MA.- The St. Louis Blues, the National Hockey League (NHL) affiliate of the Worcester IceCats, announced the club will host its second annual off-ice mini-camp for 15 of the organization’s top prospects from Thursday, July 22nd through Saturday, July 26.

Accompanying the prospects in St. Louis are the IceCats coaching staff of Head Coach Greg Gilbert and Assistant Coach Steve Pleau. The two will meet up with ‘Cats from the 1998-99 roster, including Jan Horacek, Brent Johnson, Reed Low, Matt Smith, Jamie Thompson, Daniel Corso and Jason Widmer.

Others attending the three day off-ice program include this year’s first selection by St. Louis in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft (17th overall) Barrett Jackman. Additional ‘99 pick Chad Starling, along with Maxim Linnik, Jame Pollock, Tyler Rennette, Cody Rudkowsky, Didier Tremblay and Brad Twordik round out the group.

“We feel that addressing off-ice issues with young players today will only help to build a stronger foundation,” remarked Blues’ Senior Vice President and General Manager Larry Pleau.

The mini-camp will focus on weight training, speed development, dietary programs, media relations orientation and drug and alcohol awareness. The sessions will be held at the Blues home of the Kiel Center.