Worcester, MA — The DCU Center, Worcester’s indoor arena and convention center is about to undergo another name change, and return to the Centrum Centre roots.

The facility, which was formerly known as the Centrum in Worcester, Worcester’s Centrum Centre, and Worcester Centrum, has been located at 50 Foster Street since September 2, 1982.

Digital Federal Credit Union first bought the naming rights in 2004. The twelve-year deal expired in October of last year. With the credit union and the Civic Center Comission unable to come to new agreement, the two parted ways and the civic center will revert to the old Centrum Centre branding.

Signs around the building are expected to be changed by the end of the year.

Worcester Centrum’s general manager Michael J. Smith held a press conference on Saturday. Mr. Smith spoke with reporters after the conference.

“We are happy to announce that the Centrum is finally making a comeback.”, Smith said. “Many concert goers and hockey fans still call it the Centrum so we figured that going back to this name was a real no-brainer.”

SMG will still continue to manage the Worcester Centrum on behalf of the city. Events scheduled through 2021 will still take place.

“We want to bring more activity to the Worcester Centrum. Whether it’s a professional hockey or other events, we certainly want to try to fill up all those dates as best we can. We believe this name change will bring back the many kids who attended many IceCats games and Monster Truck events from the 90’s.”

A full video of the press conference can be found on the Worcester Centrum’s  YouTube channel. You can view that video here.

We have reached out to the Worcester Sharks to see if they will also be changing their name to the Worcester IceCats.

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