On January 28, 2015, we founded a Facebook page known as Save Worcester Hockey. Our idea was to bring the Worcester Hockey community together. We are dedicated to promote news, happenings, and events going on within the Worcester Hockey community.


It was announced on January 26, 2015 that the Worcester Sharks, along with 3 other AHL franchises, would be moving to the West Coast to be closer to their NHL affiliates. With the departure of the Worcester Sharks, it marked the first time in 20 years that Worcester would be without a professional hockey team. We immediately created Save Worcester Hockey with the goal of bringing professional hockey back to Worcester.

In the final months of the Worcester Sharks, we covered the team through our social profiles. As soon as the team left, we posted weekly posts and articles bringing the Worcester Hockey community updates on potential investors for a team. We posted every news story about a potential investor and allowed the community to give input about it.  This paved the way for businessman Cliff Rucker to secure an ECHL franchise later known as the Worcester Railers HC.

You can read about our grassroots efforts in the New York Times:  Fans Suffer as Hockey Teams Leave Their Hotbeds for Warmer Climates

With Save Worcester Hockey, we aimed to bring a new professional hockey team back to the City of Worcester. In February 2016, we did just that with the Worcester Railers Hockey Club.

So What’s Next?

On October 14, 2016, we launched, a website dedicated to bringing updates and news on past and present players from the IceCats, Sharks, and Railers, while giving you updates on the what’s going on with Hockey in Worcester.

Worcester Hockey can always use more exposure. We believe this can lead to more fans attending more games and lead to the success of a hockey franchise. We work with the Railers to promote team events and happenings. As we get closer to puck drop, we will provide weekly updates on the team.

Our next adventure has only just begun with this site. We plan on using this site to provide the best content for hockey fans throughout Worcester. Woo Hockey will continue the legacy that our professional hockey teams and players have made through playing in Worcester, Massachusetts.